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2016-03-29 FS spa 9
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St Regis 3c

heibrid architecture is an international boutique design firm located in Scottsdale Arizona specializing in hospitality and mixed-use projects that strives to be recognized for its innovative and comprehensive design solutions, its quality and attention to details and their professional services.


The quality of the buildings and the spaces we create should move those who come in contact with them. As a studio, we believe architecture is a creative and collaborative process revolving around our client's needs.


Our work reflects the belief that architecture is an expression of our time and culture. Our design philosophy is grounded in listening and distilling the very essence of a project to create an architecture that is both functional and poetic. Our design approach is to listen to all aspects of a particular building program and develop a consensus of approach with client, design team members, and potential contractors. Through the integration of this process, we hope to deliver an architecture that is both uniquely appropriate and timelessly valuable to the client and the users.

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