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D3-Copper Sky Mixed Use

A Mixed-Use Development

Location:   Maricopa, Arizona  +/- 88acres

Program:   Life Science and Research District, Tomorrow's Education and Entertainment District, High-Performance Sports Training, Rehabilitation and Innovation District

Size: 1,800,000 s.f. (approximate)

Construction Start: early 2023


D3 Copper Sky is a Mixed-Use development with over 2 million square feet of commercial and residential space on approximately 60 acres of within the city of Maricopa.


D3 Copper Sky will bring a mix of Residences, Active Living, High Tech Office and Research spaces, Hotels, Event and Sports venues with a Farmer’s marketplace and Retail/Restaurant spaces creating a vibrant street life and extending and enhancing the texture and feel of central Maricopa.


The goal is to create a place to address the global challenges in education and healthcare and to deliver “Tomorrow’s Solutions today” in partnership with world leading universities and Nobel Prize winning research institutions. As part of both the City of Maricopa’s ambitious “rethink” and concept, D3 will be a major economic engine for the City and a significant creator of thousands of future jobs and hundreds of new companies.


TheD3 Copper Sky plan incorporates Green Development and Smart Community concepts delivering on the vision of an innovative commercial and lifestyle platform. This true mixed-use development delivering a comprehensive, globally-connected center for vibrant innovation and creativity in an inviting, collaboration-oriented community.

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