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Four Seasons Resort

Location:   Haitang Bay, Hainan, China

Program:   Resort

Size:          56000sm



Located adjacent to the largest Coconut Palm Forest in China, the Four Seasons Resort Hotel and Residences will be a 350 room and 105 Residence 5 star luxury resort on the north end of the Haitang Bay Sanya Hainan Island China. It will be Four Seasons Hotel’s first beach resort in China. 

The luxury hotel will have all of the expected amenities one expects from the Four Seasons hotel brand including Restaurants and Bars, Conference Facilities and a Destination Spa. 

The architecture of the resort is inspired by the regional Tropical Architecture of Southeast Asia but is interpreted and composed in a contemporary style. The build materials are stone, stucco, woods and metal. 

The hotel opening is scheduled for January 2017. 


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