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Huizhou Lake Masterplan

Location:   Guangzhou, China

Program:   Mixed use development masterplan

Size:          460000 sm



Guangzhou is the third largest metropolitan area in China. This mixed-use masterplan envisions the redevelopment of an area adjacent to a new proposed “central allie.” 

This plan transforms a former industrial zone alongside the Huizhou Park into a new, sustainable Resort, Residential and Retail development by combining the allowable urban density, transit accessibility, and ecological vitality. 

The scheme adds low rise new buildings and repurposes old ones to reduce the impact on the surrounding existing uses. The higher density residential and retail neighborhoods will be located near transit hubs, and residents will have ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors because of the proximity to the park. 

A new low density Resort Hotel and Resort Residential will be located to transition from the park the projects more intense uses and the even more intense surrounding city.

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